Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bird By The Pool

Bird By The Pool
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My apologies for not having updated sooner, but I was out of town bird watching. Nevertheless, I do have an update for all of you patient folks. I first saw this bird when I was trespassing on private property in order to use a private swimming pool, but when I arrived through the bushes, I saw that I was not alone. This bird was relaxing by the pool on a pool chair, reading a magazine. I decided to approach the bird and attempt to take photographs using my binoculars. Unfortunately, this was unsuccessful and I was forced to use my camera.

Eventually, he spotted me, but seemed unconcerned about my trespassing. I asked him if he lived there, and he told me that he did not, but rather had just broke in and tied up the house's inhabitants so he would be able to use the pool for a while. As you may have noticed by now, many birds are notorious for breaking the law in various fashions, and this bird was certainly no different. He had his son with him, playing in the pool which was full of humpback whales. I hesitate to say "playing in the pool", because due to the size of humpback whales, only two or three fit in this pool, and only then when they were curled up in something of a ball, and they were essentially stacked on top of each other, the top of the pile at least 10 feet above the surface of the water. Needless to say, this left very little room for this bird's son, or even water.

I decided to sit down with the bird by the pool, and try to gather some information about him, and other birds like him. One of my first questions pertained to gender – as you may have noticed, the vast majority of birds on this blog I refer to as males, though there isn't exactly any proof other than dress and appearance; I decided to get some definitive information right from the horse/bird's mouth. I got a rather enlightening response. Apparently, birds reproduce asexually via mitosis, much like single cell organisms.

I also asked him about the average lifespan for a bird, but before he could answer, he boarded a space elevator with rocket boosters, and flew off towards the moon.

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