Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bird Science

Bird Science
Originally uploaded by devastationstudios.

This bird is a world famous scientist that is working on reversing the polio vaccine. This is generally thought by most in the medical field to be a pointless exercise in idiocy, but this renegade bird scientist pays them no mind.

Some of this particular bird's other scientific endeavors include a pancake that's thickness is equal to its diameter, a potion that allows humans to grow the multiple rows of teeth like sharks, and a very small hat.

You might be wondering what the clipboard that this bird is holding says. It says nothing. In fact, it is a rather crude crayon drawing of a nude woman. The beaker it is holding in its other hand contains water from a river. Another interesting personality trait about this bird – it is autistic. This ends up making it difficult to accomplish much as a scientist, but considering what its goals are, this is seen by most to be more a blessing than a curse to the world at large.

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