Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bob Bone and the Flower Store

Bob Bone and the flower store
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This vulture owns a small store selling custom flower arrangements, but in his time off he gets into constant arguments, most of which he instigates. His name is Bob Bone, and he is as close to having split personality disorder as possible without having two separate personas. He simply has an exceptionally wide variety of emotions. When he is selling flower arrangements he is usually very personable, always trying to help his customers and being kind and forgiving of his employees. However, when the store closes its doors for the day, the instant he walks out on the street, his fists are clenched, furious for no reason whatsoever.

This photo was taken on such an occasion, and I witnessed one of these "fights". It was actually with one of his frequent customers. The customer had arrived just as the store was closing, and she was understandably disappointed. She politely asked if he might re-open the store, but he was extremely offended. He let loose with a barrage of verbal abuse, ending with a threat that sent her running off into the distance. I don't actually think he has ever been in a physical fight, and I suspect that he wouldn't fare very well in such a situation.

Even in his store, if the doors are closed for business, he still goes into fight mode. He threatens his plants, taking particular offense to the venus fly traps that he sells. I have heard rumors that one night, he actually started punching his plants, but he was bitten by a venus fly trap that almost severed his finger. He is said to have cost himself several thousand dollars in damages that night.



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