Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hello, Ladies

Hello, Ladies
Originally uploaded by devastationstudios.

This bird is something of a ladies man. He lives in a large house; some would even call it a mansion. He spends most of his time lying around his house, nude, watching prostitutes he hires dance for him. Unfortunately, due to the fact that he has no genitals, much like most birds, his nights usually end up in a great deal of weeping.

Having made a substantial amount of money thanks to some lucky investments, he has no need to work. He doesn't have much knowledge as far as money management however, so he ends up wasting a great deal of it on diamond chandeliers and golden silverware. He frequently hires actors to act out his scripts, which are terrible. They all focus on bizarre horse characters; horses as police, horses eating dinner, horses playing baseball, all the usual clich├ęs. He even hired Tim Allen for one of his plays.

This bird's reputation is mostly negative. Most other birds realize that he will likely be bankrupt within months. The prostitutes he hires are disgusted by him and pray that they are not the next to be hired.



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