Monday, June 25, 2007

Another Birdle-like Beast

Another Birdle-like Beast
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Some might confuse this bird with the "Birdle" that I have previously posted about, but this bird is markedly different. While they both exhibit traits of bird/turtle hybrids, that bird was elderly and spoke English. This bird is near mindless, and spends a great amount of time waddling along the beach with its head in the sand, scooping up and eating starfish and barnacles with it's beak. It doesn't exactly digest the starfish and barnacles, but rather it stores them in a small compartment in its throat. When threatened, the turtle opens it's mouth and unleashes the still living starfish and barnacles at breathtaking speeds towards the aggressor.

This bird doesn't actually eat and digest much of anything. Rather, it feeds on the souls of the damned and human mustaches. The souls are stolen from soul canisters that are sold in bulk at Costco. The mustaches are fed upon at night, when men are sleeping. Many mustached men wake up without mustaches, and consequently are fired from their jobs, left by their families, and evicted from their homes.

This bird's arch enemies are samurais and matadors, especially when they work together by merging their mind-powers together to create an orb of kinetic energy that they load into a catapult and launch at the bird. Fortunately, this bird has developed a defense mechanism to this attack – it's heart stops beating and it dies before the energy orb appears, thus denying the samurais/matadors the pleasure of knowing that they defeated the creature.

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Anonymous aquabot said...

See when I took the printout of it and show it to my kidoo ; for a second he's just got scared.....Anycase thanks for the sharing the nicest experience....

12:51 AM  

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